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Shoot Me Nicely : Project Info



When photographer Sean Wheeler (John Behlmann) inadvertently exposes a conservative talk show host’s (William Sadler) “little” secret, his already complicated life gets unhinged.

Synopsis - Concept


“Shoot Me Nicely” explores the New York City art and fashion world through the eyes of photographer Sean Wheeler (John Behlmann). After losing his cushy magazine job, and his superstar status, Sean is forced to take odd jobs to pay the bills and his rent. Recently, his agent Layla (Linda Hamilton), has been working overtime selling Sean’s paparazzi pics as she attempts to get him back into the spotlight of the fashion world. 



Photographer Sean Wheeler is searching for a lucrative celebrity photo to re-launch his career. After being laid off from his dream job and losing his supermodel girlfriend his life has hit rock bottom. An opportunity presents itself for Sean to prove he has what it takes... but will he succeed? 

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